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No Sequel is the first—and last—horror-satire-end-of-the-world-sci-fi rock musical.

In the wake of nuclear catastrophe, Earth’s shareholders wage a war against humanity—and it’s up to Ellen Omega, whistleblowing scientist, to thwart their diabolical plan.

It’s a sinister spin on some of humanity’s greatest threats—government corruption and greed, seismic threats to atomic reactors, biological warfare, and the demonization of free speech.

You’ll be truly frightened and moved to think—and you'll probably find yourself humming the songs to ward off feelings of encroaching doom. Watch the trailers.


Director/co-writer/producer/songwriter Bradley True and his actor/producer sisters, Bonnie T. Birdsall and Jill Thomas, love the bleakness of 1984, the bio-horror of The Andromeda Strain, and the political nightmare of Seven Days in May. They’re also inspired by real-life rebels like Erin Brockovich, Karen Silkwood, and Amy Goodman, and fictional heroines like Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, and Katniss Everdeen.

To heighten his original songs, True chose a multimedia, multicamera aesthetic—inspired by hellish music videos, the visual layers of Natural Born Killers, and the very real circus of screens surrounding us 24/7.

Starring cast:

Ellen Omega | Bonnie T. Birdsall
Joan Dark | Jill Thomas
Jude Ash | Bradley True
Ben Evalon | Danny Rose
Hysterianna | Jenny D Green
Brash Hasty | Bradley True

Music performed by Diesel Backup:

(in alphabetical order)
Bonnie T. Birdsall | vocals
Eric Chercover | lead guitars
Mark Dann | bass guitar
McGregor | lead guitars
Jess Nacinovich | vocals
Danny Rose | vocals
Jill Thomas | vocals
Bradley True | vocals, rhythm guitar
Juan Uribe | rhythm guitar
and drums

Production status:

Principal photography is complete

—Rough cut is 95 minutes
Festival submissions begin spring 2016
Director has started social media promotion
—Seed&Spark crowdfund campaign to attract final funding

—Stream selected songs from movie soundtrack
—Live rock shows with Diesel Backup TBA
—Live theatrical production TBA



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